29 June 2013

So long, and thanks for all the fish

As you might have noticed, since MIUI v5 3.6.28, MIUI MultiLang can be updated through stock update utility. Download speed was somewhere between 800kB/s and 2MB/s. This means that there's no point in sharing the ROMs through torrents. Main issue - terrible download speeds at 8-15kB/s, is not a problem anymore.
I've started this site on march, since then there are over 6 300 unique page views which is way more than I've hoped for. Unfortunately 160 to 200 pageviews per article was not transformed into interesting number on the seeder-side of torrent clients. Usually there were som 5 people seeding max. It's a pity, because without dedicated community of seeders, there's no point in distributing files through torrents.

So thanks to all the people who were seeding my torrents. And thanks to all the translators contributing to MIUI MultiLang at miuiandroid.com
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