01 May 2013

Do you want to help us? Sharing is caring.

Everybody, feel free to create your own torrents for any devices. Just send to me the link to torrent and magnet link and I'll post it on the site. I'm uploading torrents to torrent tracker https://torrentbox.com , feel free to use any other tracker you're more comfortable with. If you will use "Web seed" option while creating the torrent, it will not be necessary to have your PC on all the time. All you need is file with static address. If you have one PC with internet runing for 24/7 anyway and you're willing to seed, just do it.. :-D

It's not necessary to seed hunderets of Gigs of datas, one ROM has some 300-330MB. Movie in full HD takes some 6-7 Gigs which equals some 20 shared ROMs.

One simple condition: share only original, unaltered files downloaded from official source:


Official source for MultiLang ROMs:


If necessary, I can create quick guide how to create your own torrents.

Remember that torrent technology is not illegal itself. It has received a lot of negative publicity, but only because of pirated content shared through torrents. It's favourite buzzword for media, reporting about something they don't even trying to understand.

Thread on miuiandroid.com :


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